Success Stories

Looking for some inspiration on how to participate? Check out the below organizations that went above and beyond to help people save during past America Saves Weeks. Click here to download the PDF. 

Financial Institutions
Government Agencies
Educators and Youth Organizations
Local America Saves Campaigns



American Express

  • Challenged employees to take the "1% Challenge" to save anywhere – retirement, emergency fund, college, fun, car, vacation, etc. They also offered tools and resources to help employees take action. 

Firelands Federal Credit Union

  • Focused on educating their staff on their pension and 401K benefits
  • Had very high participation from employees opening or increasing their 401K contribution, as well as increasing a payroll deduction to any savings account
  • Employees could earn points based on reading educational material, or other ways of participating and “bought” prizes with the points they earned

World at Work

  • Employees participated in a “Bank Your Bucks Savings Challenge” by doing one of the following activities: 1. Increase their 401(k) retirement plan contribution by at least 1%; 2. Increase their direct deposit savings account by $10 or more; 3. Start a new direct deposit savings account with $10 or more
  • Participating employees were entered into a prize drawing for a gift basket

Financial Institutions

The Community Bank

  • Operated by Bank of America for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service at military installations outside the United States, hosted kick-off celebrations, customer information days, student field trips and tours, and Boy/Girl Scout tours.
  • The key statistics include 14,887 customer educational engagements and 13,405 Military Saves pledge referrals (a 48% increase since 2008).

The First – A National Banking Association

  • Opened 152 new accounts during America Saves Week totaling almost $56,000.00 in new money
  • Waived the service charge for any account under $100.00 for one year and opened accounts with as little as $15.00
  • Sent material to all area school administrators, put information on their Facebook page, placed a newspaper ad, and featured the Week on their bank marquees and teller receipts
  • Held a branch contest for most accounts opened –17 branches competed for first, second, and third place

ING U.S. Retirement

  • Rolled out a savings program for the more than 5 million retirement plan customers ING serves across the nation. Their initiative reinforced the theme of America Saves Week, and encouraged investors to picture what they want in retirement, so they could be motivated to set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically in their plans.

Marquette Bank

  • Celebrated America Saves Week with their own "Chicago Saves with Marquette Bank"
  • Offered a 0.70% APY promotional rate for 60 days on all new savings accounts and a $25 savings match on all new minor savings accounts
  • All savings accounts opened throughout the Week were automatically entered into the "Chicago Saves with Marquette Bank" Prize Drawing for a chance to win a $150 gift card


  • Sent out a flash email (that will reach over 33,000 associates) to introduce the Week, reinforce why MetLife supports it, and connect it to what we do as a company (2010).
  • Over 250,000 website visitors were given America Saves Week information and were pointed to several financial tools and resources. Metlife also used the Week to educate the company’s 41,000 employees, encouraging them to take advantage of workplace savings programs (2009).

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Offered incentivized savings products, including the Easy Start Certificate Special, during Military Saves Week.
  • This one-year term certificate had a low opening balance ($50) and because the certificate maximum is $3,000, it was offered at a very attractive rate of 2.90%.
  • At the end of the promotion, 2,699 new certificates with a combined balance of $1,916,099 were opened.

The Peoples Bank

  • Small community bank consisting of three offices
  • Offered their savings account to customers with a reduced $5 opening deposit
  • Promoted America Saves Week through teller hand backs and posters
  • Gave away “The Peoples Bank” piggy banks to any customer who opened a savings account

Prudential Retirement

  • Conducted a satellite media tour featuring Christine Marcks, President, Prudential Retirement, and offered a promotional Certificate of Deposit product during the Week.
  • Results: 580,000 mailers sent; 11,188 increases to retirement accounts; $60 Million in new annualized savings.

Government Agencies

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) launched a workplace savings campaign called CFPB Saves. CFPB Saves encourages CFPB employees to save – and save automatically through payroll deductions. CFPB hopes CFPB Saves will become an example for other employers across the country to promote savings, not only during America Saves Week, but all year long.
  • “Consumer finance is a big part of our economy and it plays a large role in our daily lives. America Saves Week is an opportunity to remind consumers about the tools available to help them create a savings plan for their financial stability.” — RICHARD CORDRAY, DIRECTOR, CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) hosted a national webinar to encourage financial institutions to participate in America Saves Week.
  • More than 500 registered, including representatives from more than 400 financial institutions. While the webinar was marketed to financial institutions via the FDIC subscriptions email list, other organizations also registered including other federal regulatory agencies, community groups, state and local governments, non-profits, and researchers. The webinar led to a significant increase in participation by financial institutions in America Saves Week.
  • “America SavesWeek is a timely reminder of the importance of savings in building financial security.” — MARTIN J. GRUENBERG, ACTING CHAIRMAN, FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

  • The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) provided savings tips to its 3,000 employees nationwide via its intranet and 18,000 people through its Financial Literacy Update email.
  • “Consumers and financial institutions recognize the importance of having access to a savings account to create the foundation for a sound financial future. Opening a savings account is an important step in helping a consumer achieve his or her financial goals, such as purchasing a home, creating a college or emergency fund, or retirement.”


Catholic Charities Fort Worth

  • Implemented a matched savings program with United Way in February 2012
  • As a result, 45 families started building an emergency savings fund

Center for Public Policy Priorities

  • Held a Facebook savings tips contest during America Saves Week, encouraging organizations around the state to participate by re-posting their savings tips. Thirteen organizations participated in the contest enabling them to share savings tips with over 2,000 individuals.

Green River Asset Building Coalition

  • Greeters at their tax sites encouraged people to use their tax returns to purchase savings bonds
  • 20% of their tax filers began using savings bonds

Educators and Youth Organizations

University of Illinois Saves

  • University of Illinois Saves held a competition among their three campuses to encourage students, staff, and faculty to signup as savers. The three campuses signed up over 700 savers and are encouraged that their model can be applied to other schools next year.

New Brunswick High School

  • A representative from Magyar Bank’s Community Outreach Department, located in New Brunswick, NJ, spoke to two high school classes about the importance of saving at an early age. He also spoke about budgeting and other financial literacy issues and raffled two $50 bank accounts to students to help them save effectively.

Beta Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

  • The Beta Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated of Jackson, MS reached about 25% of the population through radio, Facebook, email, fliers, newspapers, and printed handouts.

Valencia College

  • Valencia College had three Financial Learning Ambassadors who were responsible for spreading financial literacy throughout their campus. The Ambassadors were able to signup 30 students for America Saves, and spoke to students about the importance of savings. 

Local America Saves Campaigns

In the greater Baltimore area, the Maryland Saves campaign organized a “Roll in the Dough” campaign. 52 branches of eight local financial institutions participated in the two week effort to get customers to open or add to a savings account, offering several prizes to encourage savings. Over 4,000 people participated, saving nearly $10 million.

In northern Wisconsin, the Northwoods Saves campaign organized a savings drive with 12 area banks and credit unions. 568 people opened or added to a savings account, saving a total of $451,436.