America Saves Week, February 24 - March 1, 2014, is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.

Each year, employers promote the workplace savings benefits they offer through emails, newsletters, payroll stuffers, and workshops. Check out the free resources below to help your employees save and sign up to participate in this nation-wide movement today.

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The Week is an Opportunity to: 

  • Promote the benefits of saving to your employees.
  • Encourage employees to save automatically through direct deposit into a savings account
  • Encourage employees to save automatically through automatic transfers to a retirement account.
  • Encourage employees to Pledge to Save.

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How Employers Have Participated

  • The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) President and CEO Frank Keating reached over sixteen million people via radio interviews throughout America Saves Week. ACLI promoted America Saves Week and urged all Americans to take the necessary steps to prepare for a financially secure retirement.
  • American Express "challenged" employees to take the "1% Challenge" to save anywhere-retirement, emergency fund, college, fun, car, vacation, etc. We offered tools and resources to help them do that.
  • The Boeing company newsletter, which reaches 156,000 employees, announced America Saves Week and included a link to AmericaSavesWeek.org.  
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) provided savings tips to its employees nationwide via its intranet.

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Did You Know?

  • Finances are employees' #1 cause of stress, which leads to higher health care costs for your company and negatively impacts employee productivity and morale. (Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?id=473303)
  • Employees who learn how to effectively manage their benefits are more empowered, more engaged, and more satisfied with their compensation, benefits, and overall jobs. (Source: financialfinesse.com)
  • Over 1/5 of all eligible employees do not participate—at all—in their company’s retirement savings plan. According to NACHA, companies can save up to $3.15 per payment by using direct deposit instead of paper checks. A company with 100 employees can save nearly $19,000 a year by switching to electronic payments. (Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute and Mathew Greenwald & Associates, Inc., Retirement Confidence Survey)

Together we can encourage people to take financial action through saving, debt reduction, and wealth building!